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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

The Folder Properties window provides information about a selected folder, including its content type, creation date, folder date, date range, and creator. Folder properties are available only to users with sufficient privileges.

  1. Select the folder from the File Cabinets layout.
  2. Right-click and select Properties. The folder's properties are displayed.

    Properties are described in the following table. For more information about your folder configuration, contact your system administrator.



    Folder Name

    The folder's Auto-Name.

    Folder Number

    The internal number assigned to the folder when it was created.


    The number of the batch that imported the document that created the folder. Batches of documents are imported through OnBase 's processing modules, such as COLD/ERM.

    If the folder was not created through a batch, this number is 0.

    Folder Type Name

    The name of the Folder Type on which the folder is based.

    Folder Type Number

    The internal number of the Folder Type.


    The usage type of the Folder Type.


    The content type of the Folder Type. The content type determines whether the folder contains documents and how any documents are stored.

    Possible values include Folders Only, Static, Dynamic, Static/Dynamic, Static/Child Contents, and Dynamic Group.

    Static/Child Contents is displayed for folders that display the static contents of child folders.

    Folder Date

    The date assigned to the folder when it was created. The folder date can be modified to suit your business needs.

    Date Created

    The date the folder was created. This value cannot be modified.

    Created By

    The name of the user who created the folder or who ran the process that created the folder.

    Date Range

    The date range assigned to the Folder Type.

    Possible values include None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Biannually, and Yearly.

    Folder Start Date

    The start date of the folder's date range. This property has no value if the Folder Type has no date range.

    Folder End Date

    The end date of the folder's date range. This property has no value if the Folder Type has no date range.


    File cabinet properties display only the properties of the file cabinet, not the properties of the folders it contains.