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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Upon selecting a folder or file cabinet, you may see a pop-up list displaying child folders of the selected folder.

To close the pop-up list, click anywhere outside of it, or press ESC.

  1. To find a specific folder, start typing its name in the field above the list.

    For example, to find folders for a customer whose name begins with P, type P.

    The filter bar may be prepopulated with the static characters in the child folders' Auto-Names, depending on the selected Folder Type. This feature is useful when all child folder Auto-Names start with the same prefix or description. Characters that can vary in the folders' Auto-Names, such as the folder date, are not prepopulated.


    If no folders are displayed, begin typing the name of the folder you need. The text above the filter bar indicates the number of characters required (excluding prepopulated static characters) before folders are displayed. After you've typed the number of characters required, OnBase displays all folders matching your criteria. The minimum number of characters required is configured by your system administrator.

  2. Double-click a folder to open it. The folder is added to the Folder Tree pane.
  3. Repeat these steps for each child folder you need to view. Each subsequent folder is added to the Folder Tree pane, making it easy to work back and forth between them.