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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

You can search for folders using the Find Folders pane, which is displayed when you initiate a folder search from the Folders window or when you open a folder that is set up for child folder searching.


Depending on your system configuration, you may be able to search for certain Folder Types using Custom Queries. For more information, see Retrieval Using Custom Queries.

To initiate a folder search:

  1. Right-click in the Child Folders, Related Folders, or Folder Tree pane and select Find Folder, or click the Find button from the Folder ribbon:
  2. The Find Folders pane is displayed.
  3. From the Folder Type drop-down list, select a Folder Type. The Find Folder pane displays any Keyword Types assigned to the selected Folder Type.
  4. Enter Keyword Values as necessary. If a Folder Type requires a Keyword Value to be provided (not left blank), the required Keyword Type is displayed in red.

    You can use all Keyword functionality when searching folders, including adding additional instances of a Keyword Type or Keyword Type Group, or using Wildcard or Boolean operators to narrow the search. For more information, see the related Help topics.

  5. Click Find or press Enter to find all folders matching the criteria. Folders are displayed in the Results list:

    If only one folder is returned, that folder is opened and displayed in the Folder Tree pane.


    A folder search may return the same folder multiple times if the folder is indexed with multiple instances of a Keyword Type Group and each instance contains the same value for the Keyword Type you searched on.

  6. Double-click a folder to display its documents in the Documents pane.
    Depending on the Folder Type, the first document may be displayed in the Document Viewer.
  7. If desired, click Clear Keywords to clear all entered values and start a new folder search.
  8. Click Close to close the Find Folder pane.