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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

The following steps describe how to add a note or bookmark to the folder you are currently viewing. Notes allow you to comment on folder contents; bookmarks allow you to quickly jump to a specific page on a specific document in the folder tree.

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to add the note.
  2. If you are adding a bookmark, navigate to the document and page that you want to bookmark.
  3. Click New Note from the ribbon's Folder tab to display available Folder Note Types.
  4. Select the type of note you want to add. If you are bookmarking a document, select the Note Type set up for bookmarking. The Add Note dialog box is displayed.

    If you select a bookmark Note Type, but no document is displayed in the viewer, then you are prompted to create a note without a bookmark. Choose Yes to proceed, or choose No to cancel note creation.

  5. Type the note text in the field provided.
    When adding a bookmark, the Auto-Name string of the bookmarked document and the page number on which you are placing the bookmark are displayed in the field by default. This text can be removed or edited as needed.
  6. Click OK. The new note is added to the top of the Notes and Bookmarks pane. To access this pane, see Viewing and Sorting Folder Notes and Bookmarks.