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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

The File menu is used to open previously used layouts and access administrative functionality. Depending on your configuration and rights, the File menu may contain the following options:



Change Password

Click to change your OnBase password.


See the Change Password topic in the Unity Client help files for more information.

User Options

Click to configure user options in the User Options dialog box.


This menu displays rights-based, permissions-based, and license-based administration and configuration modules.

  • User Administration- Click to perform user administration from the User Administration layout.


    See the User Administration topic in the Unity Client help files for more information.

  • Manage Locks- Click to manage document, Disk Group, or process locks using the Manage Locks dialog box.


    See the Managing Locks topic in the Unity Client help files for more information.

  • OnBase Community- The OnBase Community button is only available to the ADMINISTRATOR user, MANAGER user, and users that are part of a User Group with the Usergroup Security or User Configuration Configuration Right. Click this button to open the Hyland Community web site in your web browser.


Click to select from the following:

  • Help- Click to open the Unity Client help files.

  • About OnBase - Click to open the About screen. Here you can find the version of OnBase you are running and the associated Copyright information.

    From this screen, you can also view Connection Information such as FriendlyName, Data Source, and the App Server URL.


Click to select from the following:

  • Troubleshooting- Click to view the Troubleshooting layout.

  • Request Profile Diagram- Click to show the Request Profile Diagram layout.


See the Troubleshooting Within the Unity Client topic in the Unity Client help files for more information.

Recent Activities

Select one of your recent activities from the list to return to that layout.

Log Out

Click to log off and log back in as a different user.

If you stored your log on credentials using the Remember me on this computer option, clicking this button clears these stored credentials. You will be required to enter your OnBase user name and password the next time you log on.

Exit OnBase / Close Window

The appearance of the Exit OnBase or Close Window button depends on whether Service Mode is enabled.

While in Service Mode, click Close Window to close the Unity Client window.


Closing the main client window while in Service Mode closes the embedded document viewer. You will be prompted to save any changes before closing.

While not in Service Mode, click Exit OnBase to log off and exit the OnBase Unity Client.

Re-launch Client

The Re-launch Client button is only available in Service Mode.

Click Re-launch Client to restart the client. The client is closed, updates are applied, and the client is then reopened.