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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

In the RSS Ticker pane, information retrieved from the RSS or Atom feeds to which you are subscribed is displayed. When you select a feed item, it is displayed in the pane below the RSS Ticker pane:

The following buttons are available in the RSS Ticker pane:



Click to move forward in your RSS or Atom feed.

Click to pause the RSS Ticker. Click the following button to resume:

Click to move backward in your RSS or Atom feed.

To modify the RSS Ticker pane configuration:

  1. Click the following icon:

    The Configuration dialog box is displayed:

  2. To add a new RSS or Atom feed, type the address in the text field and click Add.
  3. To remove an existing RSS or Atom feed, select the address and click Remove.
  4. To modify the frequency with which your RSS or Atom feeds are updated, select an update frequency (in minutes) from the Update Frequency (Minutes) drop-down list.

    When the User Option Enable Animations is disabled, the RSS Ticker does not automatically advance to the next feed item, regardless of update frequency configuration.

  5. To modify the number of RSS or Atom feed items that are displayed, select a number from the Number of Feed Items drop-down list.
  6. Click the title bar close button.