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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

WorkView filters and objects can be added to the Personal Page. The same filter or object can be added to the Personal Page multiple times. Depending on layout view, there are multiple ways to add filters or objects to your Personal Page.


WorkView filter tiles will only show 50 results.


WorkView filters using security attributes are not supported as tiles on Personal Pages.

To add a WorkView filter list tile to your Personal Page:

With the filter you want to add to the Personal Page open, click Add to Personal Page in the Favorites ribbon menu group.

The bottom part of the button also allows you to add the filter to your Personal Page by clicking Add Filter to Personal Page. Filters can also be added to the Personal page by right-clicking within the filter and selecting Add to Personal Page | Add Filter to Personal Page.

If any objects are selected, the Add Object to Personal Page portion of the Add to Personal Page button is available. Multiple objects can be added at once. Objects can also be added from the filter view by selecting the desired object(s) and selecting Add to Personal Page | Add Object to Personal Page from the right click menu.


If more than five objects are selected for addition to the Personal Page, you will be asked to confirm the action.

To add a tile for an open WorkView object to your Personal Page:

  1. In an open object, click the Add to button in the Actions ribbon menu group.
  2. Select Add to Personal Page.
  3. The tile is added to your Personal Page.