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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Your Personal Page gives you the ability to access shortcuts and frequently used features from one single page:


The Personal Page Configuration privilege is needed to add, edit, and delete items on the Personal Page. For additional information, contact your system administrator.

OnBase features that you have added to your Personal Page are represented as tiles. For tiles that contain a list of items, a numeric value in the lower-right corner represents the number of items in the tile. For example, in the above screen shot, the Browse Folders and File Cabinets tile contains 5 forms. Tiles are also represented by different colors, which are customizable.

  • You can move tiles by clicking and dragging them.

  • Some tiles can be refreshed by clicking the Refresh icon on the tile:

  • To rename an existing tile, right-click it and select Rename Tile. Enter a new name for the tile and click OK.

  • To change a tile's color, right-click it and select Pick Color. A box containing color options is displayed. Click to select the color of your choice. The tile will now display your selected color.

To search tiles, type a term in the Search Tiles field. Tiles that contain terms matching your search criteria remain in focus with matching terms displayed. Tiles that do not contain terms matching your search criteria are faded out and only tile contents that match your search criteria are visible:

To clear search criteria, click Clear.