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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

You can use the Unity Client to import documents to OnBase.

When importing documents in the Unity Client, consider the following:

  • If importing a Microsoft Excel document, remove the Shared Workbook setting from the document in Excel before importing.

  • The Unity Client Document Viewer does not support viewing XML documents imported as Microsoft Office file types. Before importing these documents, contact your system administrator.

  • Email messages and their attachments are imported into OnBase as separate documents. To import an email message as one document with its attachments embedded, first save the email message as an .EML or .MSG file.

  • As .dotm and .dotx files are Microsoft Word Templates, modified versions are automatically saved to OnBase as new documents. If this is not the intended behavior, the files should be saved as .docx or .doc files before importing them into OnBase.

  • When importing a .dotx file, the file is opened externally and must remain open until the import process is completed.

  • Importing AFP files is not supported in the Unity Client. For more information, see the AFP Input Filter module reference guide.


Some Document Types are configured to require Keyword Values to be entered in order to create and/or retrieve documents. Required Keyword Values are displayed in red for these operations, which may include the following: Document Retrieval, Import, and Add/Modify Keywords.


Unless otherwise noted, OnBase does not support the import of files larger than 2 GB.

To begin the Import process:

  1. On the Home tab, click Import.
  2. Select one of the following input methods:



    Browse imports the document from a drive accessible from your workstation.

    Refer to the below section on Importing Documents by Browsing for additional information.

    Acquire scans in the document using a scanner, or imports the document image from a scanner, digital camera, or other supported digital storage device.

    Refer to the below section on Importing Documents by Acquiring for additional information.

    Drive allows you to access documents stored in your Google Drive account and to import them to OnBase.

    Refer to the below section on Importing Documents from Google Drive for additional information.

You can also drag and drop a file into the Preview pane. For more information, see Importing Documents by Dragging and Dropping.