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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

To create list reports, a user must have the Create List Report privilege.

List reports are text documents that can contain:

  • the date the report was created

  • the time the report was created

  • the user who created the report

  • the configured Auto-Names of documents selected within a Document Search Results list, a batch queue, or a Workflow life cycle

  • the total number of documents

  • the total time spent processing the report

These reports are stored in the SYS List Contents Report Document Type.

An example of a list report is shown below.

The header at the top of the report displays who created the report and when. Below the header is the report summary (if one was entered when the report was created), followed by the Auto-Name strings of the reported documents. The end of the report lists the total number of documents in the report and the total processing time.