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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

To create a List Content Report for document(s) in a Documents Search Results list or a batch queue:

  1. Right-click selected document(s) and select Create List Report.
  2. Choose options in the List Report Options dialog box.



    All Items

    This option generates information about all documents in the list.


    Although the Document Search Results list is limited to display 65,535 documents, the report will contain information for all documents that meet search criteria, even if the number of documents is greater than 65,535.

    Selected Items

    This option generates information about the selected item(s) only.

    Generated Page Headers

    This option generates the following header on the first line of every page of the report: LSTRPT055PAGE: page #

    Generate Summary Info

    This option generates the Total Documents and Total Processing Time at the end of the report.

    Report Summary

    This option allows you to add up to 80 characters of text to the report.

  3. Click OK. The List Contents Report will display containing a report on the selected criteria. The header of the report contains the Date, Time and the User Name of the creator of the report. When you create a List Contents Report from a Document Search Results list, it also contains a Search Results Title that identifies the Document Type or Document Type Group used to create the list.