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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Clicking the Check Names button resolves the recipient's name to the address book by looking for contacts configured as either First Name-Last Name or Last Name-First Name (including middle initial, if applicable). The following rules apply:


Novell GroupWise users need to use a wildcard character, *, when resolving an incomplete name.

  • When address book has multiple cases where a name being resolved can be both a First Name or Last Name (e.g., James), the Check Names dialog box prompts the user to select the appropriate recipient.

  • When you type an entire recipient name as <First Name Middle Initial Last Name>, you must use the correct punctuation for the middle initial (e.g., Betty A. Jones) for the name to be resolved to the address book.

  • When you type a recipient name as <Last Name First Name Middle Initial>, you must use the correct punctuation; a comma must follow the Last Name. When a Middle Initial is included, you must follow it with a period (e.g., Jones, Betty A.).