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PDFs and documents assigned the default Image File Format or a custom file type based off of an image file type can be separated into multiple new documents using the Document Separation layout. In addition to separating documents, you may drag pages between documents, copy pages within documents, or append documents together in the Document Separation window.


To use PDF documents in the Document Separation layout, you must be licensed for PDF Framework. For additional information, contact your system administrator.


Sending password-protected PDF documents to the Document Separation layout is not supported.


Image Rendered PDF documents sent to the Document Separation layout are read-only. The document or its pages may be copied to create a new document of a different file type. For more information about read-only documents, see Working with Locked and Read-Only Documents in the Separation Workspace.

In the above diagram, the area labeled A is the ribbon menu. The area labeled B is the Separation Workspace (seen here in Document Display Mode). The area labeled C is the Page Holder.


In order to use ad hoc Document Separation, the user group must have the Advanced Document Splitter client based product privilege and the Separate User Group privilege. For additional information, contact your system administrator.

The original documents brought into Document Separation are called source documents. In Document Display Mode, source documents display the icon of the Document Type.

Source documents can be added to the ad hoc Document Separation window through the following methods:

  • Navigating to the Image tab on an open document and clicking the Edit Pages button.


    Clicking Edit Pages opens the document in a Document Separation window separate from previously opened Document Separation windows. Additional documents sent to Document Separation are not added to a Document Separation window opened by clicking Edit Pages, and they must be manually dragged and dropped from a Document Search Results list.

  • Right-clicking an open document or document(s) in a document retrieval hit list and selecting Send To | Document Separation.

  • Clicking Send To | Document Separation from the ribbon menu of an open document.

  • Dragging and dropping from a document retrieval hit list into a previously-opened Document Separation window.

Only one instance of a document may be added to the Document Separation window at a time. If a duplicate document is dragged and dropped into the Document Separation window, a warning is displayed and the document is not added.


If a document is configured to be revisable, only the latest revision of the document can be split. Earlier revisions are displayed in the Document Separation window as read-only. Depending on your system configuration, revisions are created in Document Separation when a document is modified.


If open, the Re-Index pane or the Add/Modify Keywords panel will be closed when the document is sent to the ad hoc Document Separation window.

See the following topics to learn about the available features in the Document Separation window: