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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

In addition to editing page details, you can edit documents themselves by adding or removing pages. New documents can also be created using these same processes. There are several ways to create a new document or edit source documents in the Separation Workspace:

  • Adding pages through browsing and acquiring

  • Clicking and dragging pages

  • Joining documents

  • Splitting documents

  • Copying the document or individual pages within the document

  • Deleting pages or documents completely


Removing all pages from a new document created in the Separation Workspace will delete the document.

When creating and editing documents in the Separation Workspace, consider the following:

  • When splitting a locked document, copies of the selected pages are used to create a new document, but the original selected pages remain in the locked document.

  • If you do not have privileges to delete documents, moving all pages from a source document into another document creates a copy of the source document's last page. The source document's last page remains in the source document.

  • If the source document belongs to a batch, the new document is added to the same batch.