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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Documents can be created and edited by clicking and dragging in Document Display Mode.

To create a new document, click and drag the page(s) from the original document(s) to an empty space in the Separation Workspace. The possible new insertion point is represented by a red line in the Separation Workspace:

The new document must be indexed after you have finished making changes.

Click and drag the pages, then hold Ctrl to copy the pages to the new location instead of dragging the pages away from the existing documents.


A document that is created by clicking and dragging will inherit the indexing information from the source document that it was taken from. If the document is created using pages from multiple documents, no indexing information will be inherited.

To edit an existing document, click and drag the page(s) from one document to another. A red line will appear at the point of insertion:

Edited source documents must be saved by clicking Save and Close All.