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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

To delete content in the Separation Workspace, you can mark selected documents for deletion or enter Delete Mode.

To mark pages and documents for deletion select the page(s) and document(s) to be deleted and then click the Delete Selected button in the Delete ribbon group:

Pages marked for deletion will display a red X:

After clicking Delete Selected, you may select additional pages and documents to be marked. Click Delete Selected again to mark these additional pages.

If you select a document already marked for deletion and a document not yet marked and then click Delete Selected, the unmarked document will be marked while the marked document will go unchanged - the previously marked document will not be unmarked by this action. To unmark documents, select only marked documents and click Delete Selected.

To enable Delete Mode, click the Delete Mode button in the Delete ribbon group:

A banner will be displayed to indicate that Delete Mode is enabled.

Left-click pages you would like to mark for deletion. A red X is displayed on all pages that will be deleted.

To retain the page(s) that were marked for deletion, click the page(s) again while in Delete Mode .

Select Browse or Acquire to import new documents. Select a document, and select Browse or Acquire to import additional pages.

In Document Display Mode, select the key icon in the Document Header to modify Keywords. For revisable documents, select the comment icon in the Document Header to create or modify comments.


All other actions are disabled while in Delete Mode.

In both Delete techniques, the marked pages and documents will be deleted after saving.