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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

After you have finished creating a new document, the document must be saved and uploaded to OnBase. Before saving and uploading, a document must be indexed. To index and save a document created in the Separation Workspace:

  1. Select the desired document and click the Keywords button in the ribbon menu:

    Document and Keyword Type fields are displayed in the Import pane. These fields are used to index the newly-created documents that are created in the Separation Workspace.


    Depending on your system's configuration, one or more Keyword Values may be displayed as read-only and/or a masked value.


    The Keyword panel may display automatically if there is a document with invalid keywords in the Separation Workspace.



    Document Type Group

    This drop-down list is used to select the Document Type Group of the currently selected document.

    Document Type

    This drop-down list is used to select the Document Type of the currently selected document.

    File Type

    This drop-down list is used to select the File Type of the currently selected document.

    Choices include Image File Format or PDF.


    The File Type of the document will initially be set to the default File Type of the Document Type that is chosen.

    Document Date

    This field is used to determine the Document Date of the currently selected document.

    Click the arrow at the right end of this field to display a calendar from which the date can be selected.


    The Keyword Type fields are displayed once a Document Type has been selected from the Document Type drop-down list. Use the keyboard or the mouse to enter data into these fields.

    Indexing information from the original document automatically populates these fields for new documents created from the original document. If necessary, this data can be modified or removed.


    Keyword Values are only applied to the newly created document(s) if the Keyword Type is associated with the new document's Document Type.

  2. To save Keyword modifications to the document and remove it from the Separation Workspace, click Save and Remove. If you would like to return to the Separation Workspace without removing the document, click Close.

    Clicking Save and Remove in the Separation Workspace does not change the document status. To mark a document as indexed, you still must index it outside the Separation Workspace.

    Depending on how the Document Type is configured, you may be prompted to enter a comment after clicking Save and Remove.