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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

The thumbnails viewed in this workspace can be adjusted to fit your needs. You can adjust the size of the thumbnails and enable or disable thumbnail zooming.

Thumbnails can be automatically zoomed when you hover over the thumbnail image with your mouse. When you move the mouse away from the thumbnail image, the enlarged view will shrink back to normal thumbnail size. This temporary enlargement of thumbnails allows you to quickly distinguish between pages without having to leave the layout.

To adjust the thumbnails:

  1. Click the Thumbnails Settings button:
  2. Select the size of the thumbnail in the Thumbnail Settings options dialog box:

    Choices include:

    • Small(200 x 200 pixels)

    • Medium(300 x 300 pixels)

    • Large(400 x 400 pixels).

    • Custom- Set your own custom size for thumbnails by selecting Custom and inputting your own dimensions. Width (pixels) and Height (pixels) on Custom thumbnail sizes can range from 100 to 1000 pixels.


      Values entered into the Custom fields are saved even if you select a different Thumbnail Size.

  3. Select Zoomed Thumbnails if you would like to enable thumbnail zooming.
  4. If you selected Zoomed Thumbnails in Step 3, you may also adjust the Zooming Delay by inputting the desired delay (in seconds).
    Zooming Delay is the amount of time you must hover over a thumbnail before it is enlarged.
  5. Click Save to save changes and close the dialog box, or click Cancel to close the dialog box without saving changes.

    Thumbnail settings are saved and persist across OnBase sessions.


    Changes made to thumbnails apply to both the Separation Workspace and the Page Holder.