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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Document Display Mode is enabled when the Group by Document button in the toolbar is selected:

In Document Display Mode, each document is displayed in a row of the Separation Workspace. Rows are labeled in the Document Header with the name of the document and the page count:

To expand a row of the Separation Workspace in order to see additional pages that belong to the document being worked with, place your mouse pointer over the row's border, and click and drag:


Expanded documents may return to default size if scrolled out of view.

To collapse a specific document completely, click the Collapse Row button in the Document Header:

To expand a collapsed document, click the Expand Row button in the Document Header:

You may also use the Expand / Collapse button in the View ribbon group to expand and collapse documents in Document Display Mode:


This button is not available in Page Display Mode.

You may also maximize the main Client window and resize it to fit across multiple monitors. Collapse the Page Holder to view more page thumbnails horizontally.