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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Click the Save and Close All button in the Apply ribbon group to save all documents in the Document Separation layout to OnBase and close the Document Separation layout.


If no changes have been made to documents or keyword values since opening the Document Separation layout or since you last saved, this button will be disabled.

Do not save until all desired modifications have been made to a particular document (if selecting Save Selected) or to all documents in the Separation Workspace (if selecting Save and Close All). The document(s) will be removed from the Document Separation layout and imported into OnBase after saving. All modifications including copying pages, clicking and dragging pages, appending, splitting, and re-indexing documents are saved at this time.

Source document modifications, such as deleting pages, deleting the entire document, re-ordering pages, flipping, rotating, and re-indexing are saved along with documents created in Document Separation.

Click the bottom portion of this button to reveal the Save Selected option. Clicking Save Selected will save and close only new documents created in Document Separation that have been selected in the Separation Workspace.


Source documents cannot be saved using Save Selected.

If attempting to exit the Separation Workspace without saving, you will be prompted to save any unsaved changes.


If you want to make source document modifications, such as re-ordering pages, but keep the original copy intact, copy the source document (Copy Document) immediately after opening the Document Separation layout. Treat the copy of the source document as you would the source document. When you are finished modifying the copy of the source document, click Save and Close All to keep the original document intact and save any modifications to the copy of the source document.


If the user has the delete privileges, removing all pages from the source document(s) and clicking Save and Close All will result in the document(s) being deleted from OnBase. If the user does not have delete privileges, the last page will be copied. The copy will remain in the source document so that it cannot be deleted.

Depending on how the Document Type is configured, you may be prompted to enter a comment after clicking Save and Close All.


All buttons in the ribbon menu are disabled while saving. Documents being saved are unselected and cannot be interacted with while saving.