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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Document Display Mode and Page Display Mode in the Document Separation layout both offer a Page Holder to the right of the workspace area:

Pages can be dragged and dropped into the Page Holder for later use. Pages in the Page Holder can be organized by dragging them.

To remove a page from the Page Holder, click and drag the page into a document in the Separation Workspace or click and drag it to an empty space within the Separation Workspace to create a new document. Multiple pages can be dragged at once.

If you change your mind and decide that you would like pages in the Page Holder to return to their original documents, you can click the Page Holder Actions button:

Clicking this button reveals the following Page Holder Options:

  • Return Selected Held Pages - Clicking Return Selected Held Pages will return highlighted pages within the Page Holder to their original documents.

  • Return All Held Pages - Clicking Return All Held Pages will return all pages within the Page Holder to their original documents.

To collapse the Page Holder, click the arrow displayed on the left border of the Page Holder. When collapsed, click the arrow again to expand the Page Holder.


The Page Holder automatically collapses if the Add/Modify Keywords panel is displayed.