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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1


Comment Status


Comment Required

Comments must be entered before saving.

Comment Allowed

Comments may be entered before saving, but are not required.

Comment Entered

Comments have been entered.

If there is no comment bubble, the document is not configured to allow comments on revisions.

To enter comments or edit previously entered comments in Document Display Mode:

  1. Click the comment bubble icon in the Document Header:

    Clicking a blue comment icon will allow you to view or edit unsaved comments previously entered in the Separation Workspace.

  2. Enter the desired comment in the comment text box or edit the existing comment:
  3. Click anywhere in the Document Separation layout to exit the comment text box.
    If the comment icon was previously red (indicating that a comment is required) or white (indicating that a comment is allowed), the icon will become blue (indicating that a comment has been entered).

If a document that requires a comment is saved before a comment has been entered, a dialog box displaying the text Please enter a comment for [Document Name] is opened:

The document cannot be saved until a comment has been entered and you have clicked OK.


Depending on your configuration, if a document that allows revisions is split in the Separation Workspace, you may be prompted to add a comment for the original document and/or the newly created document.