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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Document import options affect how you upload documents. The following options are available on the Document Import tab:

Document Import Option


Clear Document Keywords After Import

Keyword Values are cleared from the Keywords pane in the Import layout after you upload a document.

Open Document After Import

When uploading a document, the Open Document After Import check box is selected by default.


After selecting this option, you must log out of OnBase and log back in for it to be in effect.

Delete Files After Import

This option enables by default the Delete Files After Import option in the Options pane on the Import layout. This will delete the document from its original location after it is uploaded.

Expand Options Panel By Default

Select to have the Options pane on the Import layout expanded by default.

Preview Option


Enable Automatic Preview of Imported Files

A preview of the file will be immediately displayed in the Import layout.

When this check box is cleared, a Preview is currently disabled message is displayed in the Import layout's Preview pane after you upload a document. Click the corresponding hyperlink to view the preview of the file.


This option is not respected when importing documents from Office Business Application for 2019 and later.