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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

If you have sufficient privileges, you can share envelopes with other OnBase users.

When sharing envelopes, note the following:

  • Document Type user permissions are respected when sharing an envelope. For example, if you share an envelope with a user who does not have permission to Document Types in the envelope, the envelope will appear empty to that user. If the envelope contains both documents that the user does and does not have rights to, the Document Types the user can view are still displayed.

  • In addition to Document Type permissions, users in the Unity Client must be privileged to retrieve and view documents in order to view documents in a shared envelope.

To share an envelope:

  1. On the Home tab, click Envelopes:
  2. The Envelopes layout is displayed:
  3. From the Envelopes pane, select the envelope to share.
  4. Perform one of the following:
    • Right-click in the selected envelope, and select Share Envelope.

    • On the Envelopes tab, click Share Envelope:

  5. The following dialog box is displayed:
  6. From the Available Users list, select the users with whom to share the envelope, and click Add.
    To share the envelope with all available users, click Add All.
  7. To grant envelope permissions to one or more users, select users from the Selected Users list, and grant any of the following permissions:



    Full Control

    Allows the selected user to do the following:

    • Share the envelope.

    • Add documents to the envelope.

    • Remove documents from the envelope.

    • Delete the envelope.


    When you delete an envelope that is shared with other users, the envelope is only deleted from your view. Other users will still be able to see the envelope.

    View Envelope

    Allows the selected user to view the envelope.

    Add to Envelope

    Allows the selected user to add documents to the envelope.

    Remove from Envelope

    Allows the selected user to remove documents from the envelope.

  8. Click OK.