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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

An image document that has unsaved modifications cannot be used to create a new document with the Send To | Create New Document feature. Save all modifications before attempting to create a new document from an image.

  1. To create a new image document from an existing one:
    • From the Documents Search Results list, right-click on a document and select Send To | Create New Document.


      The Create New Document and Copy to Clipboard / Save As privileges are needed to use the Send To | Create New Document Feature in the Document Retrieval layout.

    • From an open document, right-click and select Send To | Create New Document.

    • From an open document, select a document's thumbnail page image, or select multiple pages by holding down the Ctrl(specific pages) or Shift(page range) keys. You can also press Ctrl + A to select all pages. After selecting pages, right-click and select Send To | Create New Document.

    The Create New Document dialog box is displayed.


    Unity Forms and Image Forms are not supported by the Send To | Create New Document feature.

  2. Select the Document Type Group for the new document.
  3. Select the Document Type for the new document.

    If you select a different Document Type during document creation, entered Keyword Values are cleared. Default values for common Keyword Types are either updated or cleared when selecting a different Document Type, depending on whether the selected Document Type has default values for those Keyword Types.

  4. In the Create from pages field, specify the page(s) to include in the new document. If you selected specific thumbnail page images, the Create from pages field automatically reflects this selection.
    • To specify a range of pages, type the start page-end page (e.g., pages 4-6).

    • To specify multiple pages that are not within a range, use commas to separate the pages (e.g, pages 1, 3, 5-12).


    If the original document is a text, PDF, or OLE document or is a single page, this field will not be displayed.

  5. To delete the selected pages from your original document, select Delete copied pages from original document.

    The option Delete copied pages can not be selected when the Create from pages range includes all pages of the original document.

  6. If you want the new document to be created as a revision of the existing document, select Create as revision of original document.

    If you selected Delete copied pages from original document in the previous step, the Create as revision of original document option will not be available.

  7. To add the new document to Workflow, select Initiate Workflow.

    This check box is only available when licensed for Workflow and the Document Type is part of an existing Life Cycle.

  8. To assign a date to the new document, select a date from the Document Date drop-down calendar. Often, this is the date the document was created or received.
  9. Keyword Values are inherited from the original document. If necessary, click Clear Keywords and re-index the new document if necessary.

    If AutoFill Keyword Set was configured, you can click the Lookup icon to find and use an AutoFill Keyword Set for indexing.

  10. Click OK to create the new document. The new document is automatically displayed.