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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

If you have sufficient privileges, you can view notes and create notes and annotations on documents using the Notes gallery.

The View Notes List button displays the Notes pane in the task pane.

Your five most frequently used note types will be displayed at the front of the list.


When the Notes pane is displayed, you can easily view the document's keywords and cross-references by selecting the corresponding tab.

Scroll through the available notes and annotations using the following buttons:

To display all available notes and annotations, click the following button:


To display the name of a note in the Notes gallery, rest the mouse cursor over the desired note. This is helpful when the full name of the note is not displayed due to length restrictions.

The Delete Note button deletes the selected note or annotation.

The Privacy Options button sets the note privacy options for the selected note. For more information, see Setting Note Privacy Options.

The Repeat Notes Mode button allows you to continuously add a selected note without having to select the note each time you want to use it from the Notes list.


Only documents that allow notes to be placed on them can utilize this function. Any document that is rendered as an image is able to use Repeat Notes Mode.


Notes and annotations placed on text documents snap to the nearest character when moved or resized. Due to this functionality, notes and annotations may slightly shift after creation to snap to the nearest row and column position.


When exporting a document to a PDF (such as with File | Save As): If the original file type was PDF, any Notes and Annotations will be exported as Comments on the resulting PDF. If the original file type was not PDF, any Notes and Annotations will be burned directly onto the resulting PDF.