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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Annotations are available from the Notes gallery when a document is opened in the OnBase Viewer. Annotations are not available from the Notes gallery when a document is selected in the Document Search Results list. This is because annotations have to be drawn on documents.


Annotations cannot be placed on HTML or OLE documents.

  1. From an open document, select the type of annotation from the Notes gallery.
  2. Define the location and size of the annotation by clicking and dragging the cursor over the document. Release the mouse button when finished to display the annotation.

    Ensure that the annotation is large enough to be visible. Annotations are required to be a certain size before they can be created and saved.

    To create multiple annotations of the same type without returning to the Notes gallery, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking and dragging. Release the Ctrl key or right-click to exit the Note creation mode. This functionality only applies to annotations that do not prompt you to add text upon creation. For more information, see your system administrator.


    Depending on your system configuration, some icon stamps may only require you to click the appropriate location on the document, instead of clicking and dragging. See the Creating Note instructions that are displayed at the top of the document when applying a note to determine whether this applies. Icon stamps that behave this way cannot be repeatedly applied by holding the Ctrl key and clicking.

  3. Depending on the annotation's configuration, you may be prompted to add text to the annotation:
    1. Type text for the annotation.
    2. When you have finished typing text, click the following to close the window:
    3. The annotation now includes the following button:

      This button is only available the first time the annotation is selected. If necessary, click this button to edit the annotation's text. If this button is not available, you can edit the annotation's text from the Notes pane.

  4. Depending on your system's configuration, you may be able to resize or move annotations after placing them on a document. Annotations that can be resized or moved appear like the following annotation:

    To toggle whether all annotations are shown or not, right-click and select Show / Hide Annotations in Viewer.