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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

To add a Redaction Bitmap to an open document:

  1. Click Redaction Bitmaps in the Modify group of the ribbon menu.
  2. The Redaction Bitmaps tab is opened. Click the Redaction Bitmaps drop-down.
  3. Select a Redaction Bitmap to place it on the document.
  4. Add and adjust additional Redaction Bitmaps, if necessary.
  5. When Redaction Bitmaps have been positioned correctly, click the Save button to save all Redaction Bitmap changes on the document.

    Ensure you are satisfied with the bitmap before performing this step. Performing this action makes the bitmap a permanent part of the document, and it can no longer be moved or deleted.


If a note, redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is not in the location you expect, do not save or sign the document until the location has been corrected by your system administrator. When the document is saved or signed, the pending redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is permanently placed in the shifted location. The shifting of notes that do not permanently alter the document can be corrected any time by your system administrator.


Creating a redacted image from a redaction bitmap differs from creating a redacted image using a redaction annotation. When you create a redacted image using a redaction annotation, a rendition is created. This means you can view the original document, as well as the redacted rendition. Depending on your system's configuration, when you create a redacted image using a redaction bitmap, the redaction is burned directly into the original document and a rendition is not created. For additional information, see your system administrator.