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Searching an entire document for a specific text string can be time-consuming, especially if the document is very long. If you have an idea of where the text string occurs in the document, you can use text search options to limit your search. For example, if you know that the phrase you are looking for occurs only within a specific set of columns, you can limit the search to those columns. Depending on how the document was imported, you may also be able to search predefined blocks of text using column indexes.

To limit a search using internal text search settings:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. The Settings drop-down list is displayed:
  3. Select from the following:




    Select to search for alphanumeric text.


    Select to search for numeric values. This option also allows the use of the following operators to limit the search: =, >, <, >=, and =<. You can use and, or, and to as operators to search for a range of values. For example, type 2010 and 2011 to find documents containing both 2010 and 2011.

    If you are searching for an exact number that is part of an alphanumeric text string, then the number will not be found. For example, if you search for 001 and the actual text is ABC001, then the value will not be found.

    Formatted Number

    Select to search for numeric values that use formatting characters. For example, to search for all Social Security Numbers greater than 800-00-0000, type > 800-00-0000 in the Search String field. You can use this option with following operators to limit your search: =, >, <, >=, and =<. The and, or, and to operators can be used to search for a range of values. For example, type 800-00-000 to 900-00-0000 to find documents containing values within this range.


    When you search for formatted numbers greater or less than the entered search string, formatted numbers followed by periods are not included in the search results. For example, if the formatted number is the last word in a sentence, then it will be omitted as a result.

    Use Wildcards

    Select to include wild card characters in your text string search criteria.

    Case Sensitive

    Select to return only matches that have the same capitalization as the text string search criteria.

    Whole Word Match

    Select to return matches for an exact word.

    Column Searching

    Use Column Searching- Select to search within specified columns.

    Column Indexing- Select the column index for the block of text that you want to search. This setting is only available for documents with column indexes.

    After selecting either option, select Columns... to specify columns in the Column Configuration window:

    In the From field, type or select the character position of the column to start the search in (the left most column to be searched). The column of characters at the far left of the document is 1, the next column to the right is 2, and so on.

    In the To field, type or select the character position of the column to end the search in (the right most column to be searched). The number in the To field must be greater than or equal to the number in the From field.

  4. Press the Enter key.
  5. The search is executed with your selected options.