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Some documents have one or more Keyword Values displayed automatically in the Keywords window when you open the document:

You can move the Keywords window, or minimize it by clicking:

You can also close the Keywords window by clicking:

To copy a Keyword Type or Keyword Value to the Windows clipboard, select it and press Ctrl + C, or right-click and choose Copy.

You can also view Keyword Values that are not auto-displayed. Depending on your system's configuration, these Keyword Values may be masked or read-only.

To access a document's Keyword Values, perform one of the following:

  • From a Document Search Results list or an open image or text document, right-click and select Keywords, or click Keywords on the Document tab.

  • From an open OLE or HTML document, click Keywords on the Document tab.

The Keywords pane is displayed:

From the Add/Modify Keywords pane, you can view or edit a document's Document Date or Keyword Values, depending on your rights and the Document Type. Some Document Types are configured to not allow keyword editing, which renders a document's Keyword Values read-only.


When the Keywords pane is displayed, other users cannot edit that document's Keyword Values. The document is locked until the Keywords pane is closed.


For Keyword Values that exceed the width of the Keywords pane, hover over the Keyword Value to display its entire value.