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Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Use the Keywords pane to view or modify the document Keyword Values currently associated with the document. The Keyword Value is blank if no Keyword Value is currently assigned.

You can use the Keywords pane to remove, add, or change a Keyword Value:

  • To remove a Keyword Value from a document, delete the contents in the Keyword Type field.

  • To change the value, edit the Keyword Value currently residing in the Keyword Type field.

  • To add another value for a Keyword Type, place the cursor in the Keyword Type field and press F6 or double-click the Keyword Type name. An additional field is displayed for the Keyword Type. Fill in the additional Keyword Value.


If you add another value of a Keyword Type within a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group, another instance of the entire Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group will be added, not just the Keyword Type. This is because all Keyword Types within the Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group are part of a record. When you choose to duplicate the Keyword Type, you must duplicate the entire record. It is recommended that all Keyword Type values are indexed when a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group is duplicated, even if only one Keyword Value is different between the original Keyword Type Group and additional instances.

A calendar button is available next to date-based Keyword Types, allowing you to select a date from a calendar. A drop-down arrow may be available for some alphanumeric Keyword Types, allowing you to select a Keyword Value from the drop-down list.

When you modify a Keyword Value, the modified Keyword Value turns blue:

You can use the Tab key to move to the next Keyword Value field.

When viewing keywords, the following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Keyboard Shortcut



Show the drop-down list for the selected Keyword Type.


Add another value for a Keyword Type.

Ctrl + O

Collapse or expand any Multi-Instance Keyword Type Groups.

Click Save Keywords to save any additions or modifications in the Keywords pane. The Keywords pane is refreshed to display the most recent changes.


In some instances, changing Keyword Values will affect the appearance of your document. Change Keyword Values carefully.


If this document is checked out by another user, keywords cannot be modified.


A document cannot be saved with an invalid Document Date. The Document Date field will turn red to indicate an invalid date entry.


You cannot change Keyword Values on E-Forms that have been signed. When a form is signed, the Keywords pane becomes read-only and the Re-Index option is disabled for the form.