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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

You can add additional values to a Keyword Type when retrieving documents or indexing:

  • Double-click the Keyword Type name, or

  • Place the cursor inside the Keyword Value field and press F6

Multiple values of a Keyword Type are saved with documents only if Keyword Type values are populated (in other words, the additional Keyword Type field cannot be left blank). Once you delete the value from an additional instance of a Keyword Type and click Save, the additional instance is removed.

You cannot add multiple values to Keyword Types in a Single-Instance Keyword Type Group or a Cascading Data Set. You can add multiple values to Keyword Types in a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group.

See your system administrator if you have questions about the configuration of Keyword Types on the Document Type.


When documents are indexed with multiple instances of the same Keyword Type, multiple results for the same document can be returned in a Document Search Results list. This occurs because of the way that OnBase searches for multiple Keyword Values.