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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1
  1. When importing a document, enter the first Keyword Value, and then press the Tab key on the keyboard or click outside of the Primary Keyword Type field.
    • If the values for the remaining Keyword Types in the AutoFill Keyword Set automatically populate their respective fields, skip to step 6.

    • If you are prompted to select the AutoFill Keyword Set to use, then the Primary Keyword Value you entered has more than one AutoFill Keyword Set associated with it. Continue to step 2.

  2. If you are prompted to select which AutoFill Keyword Set to use, the Primary Keyword Value has more than one AutoFill Keyword Set associated with it. For example, both the Plaintiff and the Defendant may share the same Case#, so there may be two separate sets of values for a Case# Primary Keyword Value.
    • Depending on how your system is configured, you may be allowed to choose one or more of the AutoFill Keyword Sets.

    • If you are permitted to select only one set, the values of your selected set are displayed in the indexing fields.

    • If you are permitted to select multiple AutoFill Keyword Sets, the document is indexed with values from both AutoFill Keyword Sets.

  3. Select the AutoFill Keyword Set(s) from the list and click OK.
  4. Keyword Values are displayed according to the order in which their associated Keyword Types are configured to display on the Document Type. Depending on the AutoFill Keyword Set's configuration, these values may be read-only.

    For example, if a loan document associated with a loan taken out jointly by two customers is associated with one Keyword Value for Account #, Last Name, and Address, but two different Keyword Values for First Name, then an additional instance of the First Name Keyword Type is added after the first and both Keyword Values for First Name are displayed. Only one instance of a Keyword Value common to both sets is displayed.

  5. You can verify if the Keyword Set Configuration permits multiple sets by checking the Settings. In the Configuration Module, select Keyword | AutoFill Keyword Sets, select the AutoFill Keyword Set you want to verify and click Settings.

    Your User Group must have rights to that AutoFill Keyword Set to have access to it in the AutoFill Keyword Sets Configuration dialog box.

    The Allow Multiple Keyword Set Selection will be checked if the AutoFill Keyword Set is configured to allow for more than one set of AutoFill Keyword set values for one Primary Keyword Value. This setting can be changed once the AutoFill Keyword Set has been created.

  6. When all fields are populated, click Import.

    If you change the Primary Keyword Value and press Tab, all Secondary Keyword Values are updated to reflect the new Primary Keyword Value. If you create another Primary Keyword Type field and enter a second Primary Keyword Value, OnBase adds another set of values associated with the second Primary Keyword Value while retaining the values associated with the first Primary Keyword Value.


    Every workstation that will be accessing External AutoFill Keyword Sets must have an ODBC connection that has the same name as the one configured in the Configuration module. See your system administrator for details. In the case of Web Server, only the Web Server itself must have the ODBC connection, not the client workstations.