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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1
  1. From an open document or from a Document Search Results list, right-click and select Re-Index or click Re-Index on the Document tab.
  2. Using the drop-down, select the Document Type to which the document is to be re-indexed.

    AutoFill Keyword Sets may unexpectedly re-populate Secondary Keyword Values when re-indexing to a Document Type associated with the same Keyword Type Group (KTG) or Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group (MIKTG) as the current Document Type. For more information, see Considerations for Re-Indexing Documents and Adding or Modifying Keyword Values.

  3. To select a date with a calendar, hover over the right edge of the Document Date field and click the down arrow.
  4. If necessary, modify the Keyword Values on the document:

    Changing the Primary Keyword Value to another Primary associated with the AutoFill Keyword Set: If this occurs, all Secondary Keyword Values are updated to reflect the values associated with the new Primary Keyword Value.

    To avoid undesired Keyword Value changes, click on any field in the dialog box before clicking the Re-Index button. This will trigger the AutoFill Keyword Set and allows the user to review any changes made to the Secondary Keyword Values before re-indexing the document.

    If more than one AutoFill Keyword Set is associated with the same Primary Keyword Value: Multiple AutoFill Keyword Sets are displayed in a selection box after the Primary Keyword Value is entered. Depending on how your system is configured, you may be able to select one AutoFill Keyword Set or you may be able to select multiple AutoFill Keyword Sets.

    If you are only permitted to select one AutoFill Keyword Set, the Keyword Values associated with the AutoFill Keyword Set populate the Keyword Type fields.

    If you are permitted to select more than one AutoFill Keyword Set, the document is indexed with Keyword Values from all AutoFill Keyword Sets. Only one instance of a Keyword Value common to both sets is displayed. Additional instances of Keyword Types are added to hold Keyword Values not common to both AutoFill Keyword Sets.

  5. Add Keyword Values to any Keyword Types that are not associated with the previous Document Type but are associated with the new Document Type.
  6. Click Re-Index.
    Once the document has been re-indexed, it no longer exists in the database as the original document, and can only be retrieved using the new Document Type and any new Keyword Values.