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Unity Client

Unity Client
Foundation 23.1

Sometimes you can view, but not modify some or all of the Keyword Values on a document. This can be for any of the following reasons:

  • Keywords can be configured to appear as read-only to certain User Groups. If this is the case, the Keywords pane will resemble the following:

    In the following example, the PO # Keyword Value is configured as read-only at the Document Type level. The user is unable to modify this Keyword Value. The user is able to modify the other Keyword Values.

  • The User Group that you belong to does not have the Modify Keywords privilege. The Keywords pane displays in read-only mode:

  • When you elect to view keywords on a document, OnBase displays a message that someone has the document checked out or locked, and the Keywords pane is in read-only mode. Depending on your system configuration, this happens if a document is checked out by another user, or if it is persistently checked out.


When you open the Add/Modify Keywords pane, the document is locked for your use so you can modify Keyword Values and save the changes. The document is unlocked when the pane is closed. When another user attempts to open the Keywords pane for a document that is locked, the user can view the Keyword Values, but not modify them.