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Upgrade Guidelines

Upgrade Guidelines
Foundation 23.1

Hyland has added a new encryption algorithm to provide additional security and case-sensitive usability with regard to user account passwords during an IPUP.

A change to the Password Encryption Compatibility setting in the Configuration module is used to control which hashing algorithm to use when a user changes their password or has it changed by an administrator. The setting does not change the encryption of existing passwords. The setting only controls the change-password operation. This allows for easier management of password encryption in an IPUP.

The new algorithm is used by default in new 16.0 databases, but must be set explicitly in databases upgraded to 16.0. The control for the algorithm to be used is in found in the Configuration module by selecting the Users menu and then selecting Password Policies. The setting for Password Encryption Compatibility allows the administrator to directly control which algorithm is used to maintain compatibility with older versions of OnBase in a mixed-version environment. The drop-down list contains the versions of OnBase where the various algorithms were introduced. The following selections are available:

  • OnBase versions prior to 12.0

  • OnBase version 12.0 and above

  • OnBase version 14.0 and above

  • OnBase version 16.0 and above

For more information, see the System Administration module reference guide.