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Upgrade Guidelines

Upgrade Guidelines
Foundation 23.1

To ensure that no end users are able to log on to OnBase while the system is being upgraded, it is a best practice to lock all end-user accounts in the system. To do this in version 9.0 or earlier, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Configuration module of your existing OnBase version.
  2. Go to Users | User Names/Passwords.
  3. Select View Metrics.
  4. Click the Lock Status column header to sort which accounts have already been locked.
  5. Take note of the user accounts which are currently locked. You will not want to unlock these users when you are ready to let people back into your OnBase system.
  6. Highlight all users that you want to lock, then click Lock Selected Users.

    To select multiple users, hold the CTRL key while making your selection, or select multiple accounts in a row by holding the SHIFT key.


    Be sure not to lock the user accounts that you will be using to upgrade OnBase.