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Upgrade Guidelines

Upgrade Guidelines
Foundation 23.1

The only way to effectively validate new solutions and upgrades is to execute them in an appropriate test environment prior to upgrading production.

Hyland Software allows its customers to license a development or test system without any additional licensing or maintenance fees. When planning an upgrade, it is important to create an upgrade plan for each product that is licensed. Licensing in the test environment must be synchronized with the licensing in the production environment. An OnBase administrator can view all current licensing by selecting Utils | Product Licenses from the Configuration module.

Hyland Software highly recommends that you perform your upgrade in a test environment prior to upgrading a production system. If you do not already have a test system in place, contact your first line of support for assistance.

Having a test system as part of your upgrade strategy provides several benefits:

  • It provides a mirror of your production system in which to test your upgrade process.

  • It provides a place to make modifications to scripts without affecting production.

  • It provides a development platform for additional modules.

  • It allows for user acceptance testing prior to deployment.

  • It provides a platform for processing new modules.

There are several ways to create and maintain an OnBase test system. Review the Creating an OnBase Test System documentation for additional information.