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Upgrade Guidelines

Upgrade Guidelines
Foundation 23.1
  1. Inform your first line of support of your plans to upgrade. If necessary, schedule your upgrade and request your HSI number.
    See Inform First Line of Support for more information.
  2. Check the installation prerequisites for the OnBase version to which you are upgrading.

    Note the available hard drive space as well as RAM and processor speed on all machines to ensure the minimum requirements are met. See the Technical Requirements Overview for New Installations and Upgrades guide, and the module reference guides for your OnBase software to see requirements information.

  3. Download the newest OnBase files. Extract the files to a dedicated centralized upgrade directory.
  4. Ensure any configured scripts will be compatible with the new version of OnBase. Back up any additional custom files or scripts.
  5. Take note of the locations to which all OnBase modules are installed. It is recommended to create a topological network map.
    See Document Module Installation Locations for more information.
  6. Ensure that the proper compatible third party applications are installed (e.g., Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office).
  7. In a Citrix environment, ensure that the user mode is set to RD-Install mode during installation and configuration. Once installation and configuration is complete, change the user mode back to RD-Execute mode.
  8. Install the appropriate version(s) of Microsoft .NET Framework. Depending on which modules are being installed, different versions and/or profiles of Microsoft .NET Framework may be required.
  9. Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.
  10. Ensure that ODBC drivers are the latest available for your database server platform.
    See ODBC Driver Requirements for more information.
  11. Stop all OnBase services and incoming processes.
  12. Stop IIS or Web site on Web Server.
  13. Perform a full backup of the database. An incremental/differential backup is not recommended for upgrade purposes.
    See Perform a Full Database Backup for more information.
  14. Set the database to be upgradeable. If the OnBase Configuration module setting Prevent this database from being upgraded is enabled, it must be disabled.
  15. Prevent additional users from logging on to OnBase.
    See Prevent User Access for more information.
  16. Verify that all users are logged off OnBase.
  17. Purge Document Maintenance and Folder Maintenance.
    This can decrease the time it takes to complete the database upgrade. If these documents and folders are no longer needed, consider purging them before upgrading the database.