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Upgrade Guidelines

Upgrade Guidelines
Foundation 23.1
  1. Create a backup of web.config files and all other configuration files for Core products. The Web Application Management Console (WAMCON) can be used to back up most OnBase web.config files.
    See Create a Web.Config Backup for more information.
  2. Take note of network accounts that run OnBase related IIS processes and OnBase as a Windows service.
  3. Note the IIS Web sites that are used for OnBase Web applications.
  4. Determine if your installation was done manually or via an MSI installer. If your server components were installed manually and you are unsure how to proceed, contact your first line of support.
  5. For synchronous upgrades only, uninstall the previous version of OnBase software.
  6. For synchronous upgrades only, verify that all Core files have been removed.
  7. For synchronous upgrades only, reboot the server after completing steps 5 and 6.
  8. Ensure that the appropriate versions of Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package are installed.
  9. Install the new versions of all OnBase modules.
  10. Compare the new and old web.config files and make any necessary modifications to restore your configuration preferences. The Web Application Management Console (WAMCON) can be used to import settings from most OnBase web.config files.
  11. Ensure any proxy servers and load balancer configurations reflect the proper Application Server or Web Server URLs.
    Include the OnBase Application Server and Web Server in the proxy server's whitelist in order to limit performance impact. See the Application Server and Web Server module reference guides for load balancing configuration information.