Configuring Notifications in OnBase Studio - VPConnect - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - external


Foundation 22.1

VPConnect has the capability to send different types of notifications to users and administrators under certain conditions. These notifications are normally installed by default with the system.

Notifications are sent using the Hyland Distribution Service and use the default sender specified in the Hyland Distribution Service's configuration file.


In order to use notifications, you must have the Hyland Distribution Service properly installed, configured, and running. See the System Administration module reference guide for more information about the Hyland Distribution Service.

The notifications are configured in OnBase Studio. The text of these email notifications can be configured to contain text specific to your organization. Please ensure that the text is relevant to the intended purpose of that notification.

The following steps are required to properly configure a notification for use:

  1. Create a new notification and configure the subject and recipients. See Creating New Notifications.
  2. Configure the content of the notification. For plain text notifications, see Creating Content for Plain Text Notifications. For formatted notifications, see Creating Content for Formatted Notifications.
  3. Formatted notifications require testing and publishing. If you created a formatted notification, see Generating a Test Notification and Publishing a Formatted Notification.
  4. In the Customer Configuration application, assign the notifications you created in Studio to VPConnect notification types.

    Formatted notifications require the configuration and usage of a Temporary File Cache. For more information, see the System Administration module reference guide.