Generating a Test Notification - VPConnect - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - external


Foundation 22.1

Generating a test notification and sending it to a recipient requires a properly installed, configured, and running instance of the Hyland Distribution Service. For more information, see the System Administration module reference guide.

Before publishing and implementing a formatted notification in a life cycle, it is recommended to test the notification to determine if it sends and displays as intended.

Any tokens configured in the notification will not be expanded in the test notification.


You cannot generate a test for a plain text notification.

To generate a test of a notification:

  1. With the draft version of a formatted notification open and checked out, click Generate Test, located in the ribbon of the Notifications tab.

    The Generate Test Notification dialog is displayed.

  2. Enter the recipient e-mail address in the field.
    If you want the current published version of the notification to send instead of the draft, select Send Published Version.
  3. Click OK. If the notification sent successfully, a message is displayed: Test notification successfully sent to <e-mail address>.