Using Versions of a Formatted Notification - VPConnect - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - external


Foundation 22.1

You can have multiple versions of the same notification in order to track any changes made or to revert to previous versions. For formatted notifications there are always at least two versions: a (Draft) version and a (Published) version. Versions of formatted notifications are found in the <Notification>: Versions dialog.

To view the <Notification>:Versions dialog:

  1. In the Notifications tab of the Repositories pane, right-click a formatted notification to access the right-click context menu. Click Versions.
  2. The <Notification>:Versions dialog is displayed.
  3. To open a previous version of the notification, select it from the list and click OK.
    Click Cancel to close the dialog without selecting a different version.
  4. The selected version is opened and displayed in the notification editor with the label (Inactive) in the title bar.

    The inactive version of the notification is read-only and cannot be edited.

    You can promote the current published or an older inactive version of a notification to the draft version in order to publish it as the active version or to make changes and then publish it.

    To promote a published or inactive version to the draft version:

  5. With a published or an inactive version of a notification open and checked out, in the ribbon of the Notifications tab, click Promote to Draft.
  6. A message is displayed with the text The current draft for this notification will be replaced with this version. Are you sure you want to continue?

    The current draft will be replaced with the new version.

  7. Click Yes to replace the current draft with the inactive version.
    Click No to cancel the promotion.
  8. The published or inactive version of the notification will be displayed as a draft in the notification editor.