Supported File Type Assignments - VPConnect - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - external


Foundation 22.1

These entries indicate the file formats that are supported by VPConnect. The number assignment must match the value for each type as assigned in your OnBase system. These values can be found by accessing the OnBase Configuration module at menu item Document | File Types. As you select each type, its corresponding number is displayed in the top left of the File Types dialog box. The entries in there must match the entries here in your Web.config file for them to be supported. This list may differ on your system so you must verify these settings in OnBase.

<add key="TXT" value="1"/>

<add key="TIF" value="2"/>

<add key="TIFF" value="2"/>

<add key="JPG" value="2"/>

<add key="GIF" value="2"/>

<add key="BMP" value="2"/>

<add key="DOC" value="12"/>

<add key="XLS" value="13"/>

<add key="PPT" value="14"/>

<add key="RTF" value="15"/>

<add key="PDF" value="16"/>

<add key="MSG" value="35"/>

<add key="DOCX" value="101"/>

<add key="XLSX" value="102"/>