Steps to Set Up a Default Employee in Costpoint - VPConnect - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - external


Foundation 22.1

Within Costpoint, you set up a single default employee record using the Manage Vendors function. These are the steps to accomplish that:

  1. Select the following menu in Costpoint: Accounting | Accounts Payable | Vendor | Manage Vendors. Select the Vendor Employees tab (Costpoint 7 and above).
  2. Set up a new employee record with an employee ID that consists of the vendor ID followed by -01. For example, if the vendor ID for that employee is V01234, then the employee ID would be V01234-01.
  3. Complete the vendor employee record setup by assigning a default value for the GLCCODE.

    Once the data is uploaded to Costpoint, the GLC code assigned to any record can be modified there. This would be used in the case where GLC Code assigned to the Default Employee record was incorrect for a certain case.