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Foundation 22.1

The Web.SiteMap file is used to configure which menu items are available in the application and which roles have access to them. Security access to individual pages behind the menu items is controlled by the Location Pages sections of the Web.config file. Role definitions are also defined in the Web.config file.


Be sure to create a backup copy of the originally installed version of this file before making any changes to it. If you delete page URLs, for example, you will have a difficult time trying to re-enter missing functionality.

Tag Definition


<siteMapNode title= "{value}">

The menu title displayed across the menu bar. This name can be modified or removed if not used.

<siteMapNode roles= "{value}">

The role name set up as defined in the Web.config file. The role names listed, separated by commas, have access to the pages listed under the siteMapNode url setting for each menu item.

<siteMapNode url= "{value}">

The title and URL path for each page under the menu item.

The following example is the default menu setup when the system is installed. The roles and siteMapNodes may vary from your installation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<siteMap xmlns="" >

<siteMapNode roles="*">

<siteMapNode title="Home"




<siteMapNode title ="Inquiry"

roles="VP Admin,Vendor Admin, Query Only">

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Query/PurchaseOrderSearch.aspx" title ="Purchase Order Query" description ="" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Query/ViewInvoice.aspx" title ="Invoice Query" description ="" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Query/LaborDetails.aspx" title ="Invoice Labor Query" description ="" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Query/TravelDetails.aspx" title ="Invoice Travel Query" description ="" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Query/ODCDetails.aspx" title ="Invoice ODC Query" description ="" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Query/PaymentStatus.aspx" title ="Payment Status" description ="" />


<siteMapNode title ="Invoices"

roles="Vendor Admin, VP Admin">

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/DataEntry/CreateInvoice.aspx" title ="Invoice Entry" description ="" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/DataEntry/CreateNonPOInvoice.aspx" title ="Non-PO Invoice Submission" description ="Upload your Non-PO Invoices" />


<siteMapNode title="Account Management"

roles="VP Admin,Vendor Admin">

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/ChangePassword.aspx" title="Password Change" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Account/EditUserProfile.aspx" title="User Profile Maintenance" />


<siteMapNode title="Administration"

roles="VP Admin">

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Administration/VAEntry.aspx" title="Vendor Admin Entry" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Administration/UserEntry.aspx" title="User Entry" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Administration/UserAdmin.aspx" title="User Administration" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Administration/RolesConfiguration.aspx" title="Role Configuration" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Administration/VPParametersConfiguration.aspx" title="Settings Configuration" />


<siteMapNode title="Help"

roles="VP Admin,Vendor Admin, Help Desk">

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/Help.aspx" title ="User Guide" description ="User Guide and FAQ" />

<siteMapNode url="ViewAggregators/DownloadFiles.aspx" title ="Download Files" />