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Foundation 22.1

VPConnect is an application that is accessed by its users via intranet and the Internet. Access to this application and its underlying database is strictly controlled by logon accounts, security hardware, and encryption of data. Each supplier is limited to access to their own data only. All new users must be provided with a logon account by your VPConnect administrator.

This application uses its own security database which is based on Microsoft's Membership database technology. This security model provides the capability to set up user accounts, control their access, mange passwords and security questions, and determine settings such as how often passwords should be changed.

The system is installed with a VPConnect Admin account initially. This account is granted access to the Administration pages by default within VPConnect to allow for the addition of new users and roles to the security database. This account is not related to any OnBase or Costpoint user ID and is specific to VPConnect security.

Each VPConnect user account can be assigned to one role in the system. This role is then used to allow or hide access to various pages and menu items in the system. See the sections Configure the New Security Role in Web.config and Configure the New Security Role in Web.SiteMap for more information on role access.


A user account may only be logged onto VPConnect once at any given time. If a second person logs onto VPConnect using the same user account, the first login has their session terminated and they are sent back to the login page with a timeout message.