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Foundation 22.1

VPConnect helps project-based organizations dramatically reduce billing time and days sales outstanding (DSO) by automating invoice-related data collection from subcontractors.

Using the web-based VPConnect portal, subcontractors electronically sign in and submit their timesheet, expense report, and ODC data as well attach any supporting documents for PO-based invoicing. This information is then used by the portal to build an electronic invoice that is submitted for approval--all while automatically validating this data against the live purchase order (PO) data in your Deltek Costpoint® system. For non-PO invoices submission, your vendors can enter invoice data and upload an electronic invoice through the portal.

VPConnect also provides administrators with direct access to all open POs, including remaining balance amounts and status reports to ensure data integrity. Combined with the IAConnect invoice automation solution for Deltek users, VPConnect processes every invoice consistently and routes it where it needs to be when it needs to be there. It also provides full transparency, providing management with a bird's-eye view of the entire process, including the number of invoices outstanding, how many invoices are at any given stage, the total liability amount, and aging statistics on processed invoices.