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Foundation 22.1

Roles are used to manage security in the system by grouping like users into a single security definition. This makes it easier to administer security for the user accounts so you don't need to administer each individual account. The primary purpose of role security in VPConnect is to grant a role's access permissions to menu choices and their underlying web pages.


Roles defined in VPConnect are not linked to user groups that are defined in Active Directory. Roles are only managed within the context of the VPConnect security system.

VPConnect comes installed with certain default roles that allow internal and external access. You may elect to add your own roles or modify the existing roles that can further customize your security access to the system.

Role definitions are stored in three different areas of the system and therefore require three different steps to be set up properly. The three areas are defined as: the security database, the Web.config file, and the Web.SiteMap file. The latter two configuration files are managed on your application server and normally would be updated by your web server support team. See Setting Up New Roles for more information on these steps.