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Foundation 22.1

Role types are used to define a class of user accounts. You can set up one-to-many roles within the system and assign a role type to it. Role types determine what type of menu access these accounts should have and whether that role is intended to be used by internal users or external users.

Internal users are those defined as employees within the organization that hosts VPConnect. Internal accounts could include your VPConnect administrator and users who may need to use the system for research. External users are defined as those users who are outside of your organization that would be using VPConnect to submit invoices or administering their users. Used in conjunction with the configuration files mentioned below, roles determine which menu items users see and have access to.

The VPConnect software treats each role type differently when different menu items are selected. Therefore, it is very important that roles are set up using the proper role type. There are three role types that the system allows you define:

  • VP Admin(internal only): This role type should be assigned to any role you set up for your internal VPConnect administrator.

  • Vendor(external only): Assign any role to this role type to be used for external customer user accounts. Your customer's administrator(s) and other users who need access to VPConnect over the Internet would be assigned to roles of this type.

  • User(internal only): This role type is assigned to roles that represent user accounts assigned to internal users only. These would be users who generally do not need administration capability and/or may only need a subset of other menu functions.